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"Weltenmenge (set of worlds) is a term in higher-order logic that refers to a mathematical set encompassing all possible worlds of a logical model.

With my artwork, I create possible worlds. My art grants me access to fantastic realms, which I want to open to other potential viewers as well. To achieve this, I often employ a subtle language of symbols. My characters usually have a slightly ethereal expression, for they are mirrors. Mirrors that inspire self-reflection and aim to evoke forgotten emotions from the subconscious, thus revealing to the observer the inherent longing for recognizing one's own soul.

Shia Weltenmenge is a freelance artist with a vast repertoire of techniques and media, most of which she has acquired over the years. She has been drawing with passion since her early childhood. Painting came into play in her early 20s. At first, she experimented mainly with watercolors and later with acrylic paints. In 2014, she was introduced to oil painting by Phillip Rubinov-Jacobson, Mantra Cora, and Wolfgang Widmoser, all students of Ernst Fuchs, and the latter also of Salvador Dali.

The desire to create large-format worlds then led her to mural painting in 2018. Her paintings have been exhibited at several international exhibitions. In addition to classical painting, she also enjoys expressing herself using digital media and language.

Shia was born in South Germany. She loves nature, especially the mountains. From an early age, she has been regularly traveling the world and enjoys immersing herself in foreign cultures. The universe with its endless expanses has always held a very special fascination for her.

She initially studied software engineering but later switched to computer linguistics. She worked as a scientist at the University of Stuttgart for 6 years. A significant part of her research involved identifying the different meanings of individual words in their possible contexts and then formulating them into mathematical formulas that could be read and understood by machines. Her main focus was on metaphors (word images) and neologisms (new words). The conscious experience, understanding, and creation of different worlds motivate and inspire her.

Therefore, Weltenmenge is both the result and source of her inspiration.

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