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2016 "Legacy of Light" in Gloggnitz Castle (Austria)

2018 “Visionary Art Award” in Moscow

      "Villa Vagabunt" near Bregenz

      "37grad" coffee bar in Lindau

      "Odysee" festival in Berlin

2019 “Ayahuasca Conference” in Girona (Spain)

      "International Surrealism Now" in Coimbra (Portugal)

2020 "International Surrealism Now" in Figueira da Foz (Portugal)

​​ Live painting

2018 Opening reception of the Bregenz Festival at Rhomberg (Bregenz)

      "Villa Vagabunt" near Bregenz

      "New Healing" - Festival near Berlin

      "Odyssey" festival in Berlin

      "Noiseberg" in Berlin

2019 "ArtBase" - Festival near Berlin

      "Syngenta" Christmas party in Enkhuizen (Holland)

      "Oasis" festival in Amsterdam



Illustrations for Orkus Magazine

CD cover for False Mirror

2015 Presentation of computer game prototype "Ink" with asset artwork by me

      "Quo Vadis" - and "A.Maze" - conference in Berlin

2019 "Prana Art" - Workshop at the "Mandala" Festival (Holland)

      Soul portrait and "Prana Art" workshop at the "New Healing" festival

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