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Mural painting

My specialty is the free artistic interpretation of what is given concepts. After selecting the motif and the choice of colour, I get a feel for the room or the environment and start painting intuitively. This usually results in a particularly vivid image that is in harmony with the environment and reflects, complements, or enhances its individual mood, intended atmosphere, or message as required.

On request, I will also be happy to implement given motifs or prepare a concrete sketch in advance.

If you are interested in a mural, take a look at my other galleries (acrylic, oil, watercolor, drawing, etc.), because most of the motifs from there can also be conjured up on a wall.

The prices depend on the effort and size and are usually between €75 and €250 per square meter. In some cases, it makes sense to prepare an idea sketch beforehand (150€ - 200€ which will be offset against the total costs in the case of an order). If there is already a concrete budget idea in advance, the motif can also be adjusted accordingly.


Buy a picture or print

Do you like an image from this site and you would like to buy it or have a print of it?

Then write to me: contact


Commission image/illustration

Do you want a specific motif or maybe you have a specific color spectrum in mind or a concept that you would like me to realize visually? Write me your ideas: contact


I like to make portraits in different techniques.

I also offer  Live painting and creativity workshops .

I look forward to your inquiries!

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